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It's blueberry season, and this year the kids ventured out to pick blueberries for the very first time. Fresh blueberries called for a delicious blueberry pie. As my first grader was cutting the pie, we used it as an opportunity to practice her fractions.

"Mom, two halves make a WHOLE and three thirds make a WHOLE," and on and on my sweet girl went. What she didn't know is that she had stirred something inside me that I had been wrestling with for years, maybe even a decade. For quite some time I had made the WHOLEness of my marriage the front and center ministry of my life and I had been practicing how to be the better half in my union with my husband.

When the words came out of my daughter’s mouth that two halves make a WHOLE, I wrestled with the mathematical equation. My mind had been trained to think logically and in this case I could not reconcile with how in my spiritual journey two halves would equal one. My heart gravitated instead towards the idea of two WHOLES being the only thing that makes a marriage WHOLE. I began to wonder if the term “better half” was misleading me concerning WHOLEness.

I began to ask myself the question - am I WHOLE? What is WHOLE? Who is WHOLE?

My circle of sisters also became interested in the WHOLEness theme, and we came to the conviction that our body, mind, and spirit are the three parts of pursuing WHOLE. My daughter was right. There are three parts of me walking out the successes, struggles, and spontaneity of life daily and that blend offers the WHOLEness I need to experience the Lord’s goodness in my marriage, motherhood, and workplace.

As the smell of fresh pie stimulated my senses, my mind began to circle around the idea of WHOLEness, and inspired visions flickered before my eyes. There was tension between my reality and where I wanted to rest my body, mind, and soul. I wanted to give over WHOLLY to Jesus so, with eyes completely shut, I stopped rationalizing and soaked up the moment.

The world was telling me—“You are a failure.”

My voice was telling me—“I need to prove to the world I am not a failure so let me bake a pie.”

Truth was telling me—“You are empty. Time to run to the Father.”

The Lord’s voice was telling me—“You are WHOLE, because I am HOLY LOVE.”

That is it - I am WHOLE when I WHOLLY turn to Jesus!

In 1 Thessalonians 5:23, I read “Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely and may your WHOLE spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The only reason to believe I can aspire to WHOLEness comes from my salvation in Christ. And the only reason to believe I can walk in that WHOLEness is because I believe that each day I’m becoming more like Christ as I turn to Him. In other words, I think of the WHOLEness that will come in eternity and I attempt to walk out my life centered around that truth.

Let’s unpack all three parts of this verse that speaks of WHOLEness. What is the spirit? The spirit connects to God and is eternal (1 Corinthians 5:3). What is the soul? The soul contains the will, emotions, and thoughts of a man (Matthew 10:28). Lastly, the body is the physical, tangible vessel that contains the non-physical parts of a human; the only part that we can fully see. The body holds us accountable to our soul (mind and will) and spirit.

Friends, I want to encourage you today to welcome the tension of your reality by resting your body, soul, and spirit in the truth that you are WHOLE because Christ is Holy Love. How are you nurturing the three parts of that pie? Is there something physically you should be doing to stay healthy? Can it be exercise or limiting your sugar? How is your soul? Is all well with your soul or are there toxic thoughts that need to be erased? Do your actions line up with your values? What about your spirit? Have you moved from salvation to sanctification?

Here is the good news - WHOLEness comes from seeking our Creator and allowing Him to search our hearts. “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.” Psalm 139:23-24

The WHOLEness we desire will only be completely realized in heaven. But if we have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior then we have the honor to bring heaven down to this earth. Will you accept the challenge to daily take steps towards WHOLEness? For me, I choose to take these steps so that I can be the better half to my husband and together make a WHOLE and leave this world better for our fraction-loving, mathematically inclined children.

Please join us at “WHOLE”, Abundant and Free Ministry’s Fall Conference, at Rusted Route in Jackson, MO on September 11th.


Erika Andrade is the wife of one adventurous warrior for 15 years, mama to 4 kingdom arrows (ages 3-12), Procter and Gamble manager for 17 years, and ambassador of truth and grace to many hermanas(os). Above all, a daughter of the most high King made on purpose, for a purpose. She was born into a family with hard-working, Mexican immigrant parents who settled in the Chicago area where she was raised. She lived in Cincinnati, OH for 15 years and has been in Cape Girardeau, MO for 3 years.

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