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What do Easter and being WHOLE have in common?

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Has 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic taken its toll on you? Are you fearful, angry, or worried about the state of our country? Do racial tensions and mass shootings hurt you? Does cancel-culture and the future your children or grandchildren face fill your mind with worry?

Do you feel WHOLE?

If I’m being honest with myself, I have been in a funk for the last few months. My funk has been spiritual and emotional. There’s even a physical component. My days go on as normal (sort-of), so many wouldn’t even notice, but deep inside I know things are off. Some days I’m deeply discouraged. Many days I’m under motivated. I don’t really desire to do my ministry work, my interior design work, exercise, cook dinner, or anything that requires extra energy. I feel depleted. My bible is right here beside me. I read it most days because I know I have to, and it is THE thing keeping me from going off the rails. But the burning passion to open my bible and dig into it is absent.

My husband told me last night on our back porch that I hadn’t been myself in months. He gently mentioned that my fun-self had taken a back seat to my serious-self. I didn’t really want to hear that, but it didn’t hurt my feelings. I knew he was right. I knew he was coming from a place of love because he wants me to be WHOLE. Where did that fun girl go? I hope she isn’t gone forever!

There are seasons we walk through that are difficult. Sometimes it’s collective (our nation is in turmoil) and sometimes is personal (the pain of a betrayal, of loneliness, or addiction). One thing I know the Lord keeps whispering to me is… IT’S OKAY!!!! This season is okay. This period of darkness won’t last forever. The burdens I bear won’t last forever, in fact many times when we’re talking, I hear Him remind me that the burdens aren’t actually mine to stomach. These seasons of weakness are when He becomes strong in our lives. It’s okay!!

I feel badly sometimes that I can’t be more of a leader. It’s hard to lead when you feel like you’re walking in weakness. I apologize to Him that I’m not doing better at leading my ministry team, or co-leading my kiddos, or leading on this committee or that committee. And do you know what He says? He tells me it’s okay! God is standing in the gap on my behalf. Am I making mistakes? Oh, you know it! But He’s more than capable of cleaning up my mess during this time of feeling compromised.

I want to encourage you today that WHOLE is something the Lord desires for us all. And WHOLE doesn’t mean that things are perfect in your life. You can be broken and WHOLE at the same time. You can have lots of problems and still be WHOLE. WHOLENESS doesn’t have to entail crushing it at your work, or your kids have zero problems, or your marriage is full of passion, or your relationships are all healthy, and you’re at the gym everyday .

No, WHOLENESS comes from seeking the only One who can give it to us. Ultimately, the WHOLE we desire to be won't be realized until heaven. But on this earth, with Jesus leading, steps towards WHOLENESS are always in our grasp.

If you feel tired and weak today, join the crowd.

But don’t just stay there. Seek Him. Seek the One who can set you free. Open your Bible even when you aren’t feeling it. Get up on Sunday, or whatever day, and get with like-minded believers (this always helps me feel less weird). Tell someone you trust your deep struggles and get an accountability partner. Set up a meeting with a professional counselor. I see one once a month and I can help you find someone. Standing in defeat is not God’s plan for you. Being WHOLE in Christ Jesus’s death and resurrection is the plan!

The cross is WHOLE. It’s completed. It’s finished.

He is not here… He is risen.

WHOLE…We are hosting an event on September 11th at Rusted Route in Cape Girardeau with this as the core theme. We need to explore this concept more as women because we are God’s secret weapon. Do you want to come? Do you want to help us pull it together? Do you have recommendations on people or groups who might want to be involved? Please email me at or go to for more information!

I love you guys and wish you the most blessed Holy Week ever. We are off to Texas to visit family. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, Christ shall remain our focus. Help us never to get over the magnitude of His sacrifice on the cross that dark day!

He is risen…He is risen indeed!

Love - Meredith


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Meredith Ogburn is a writer, speaker and the founder of Abundant and Free Ministries based out of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. She desires to share her passion for knowing and experiencing God in the normal day-to-day life. She has witnessed the amazing things that happen when you embrace and trust the Lord, committing to Him the details of life.

Meredith's focus is to empower other believers with God's Word to create warriors equipped to overcome the battles of life.

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1 Comment

At different times & situations in our lives, we all feel broken, tired, depressed, & maybe even unspiritual. I know I have just come through a very stressful, financially robbed, defeated experience. I have resorted to eating my grandkids Easter candy & then just go buy more.

Ugh...But when I contemplate the suffering other saints in the persecuted church are going through, I can't help but feel challenged. If they can be tortured, family murdered, & their life destroyed how can I be so weak? Help us all Lord to be your soldiers, your bride, your children, your chosen. I want to know it mentally, physically, spiritually, & relationally. Thank you Lord for picking us up & carrying us…

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