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Women, God's Secret Weapon

I see plenty of women who are considered role models. They may look gorgeous on TV or make a ton of money or sing beautifully to a cheering audience. The Bible is full of women who could be considered role models – brave women who dared to trust God in adverse situations or steadfast women who dared to take God at His Word. Warriors. Devoted women. Uncompromising. Admirable.

But I’m not going to introduce you to any of those women.

No. Instead, I’d like to introduce you to the nameless woman that the Lord used to change my attitude and subsequently save my life.

This is personal so please go back with me to when I was a mere 30 years of age. I was a faithful, churchgoing heathen at the time who decided to read the Bible so I could argue intelligently. Yes, I know, that was not a proper motivation but that’s how it was and that’s how I was.

Nobody ever said to not start at the beginning of The Book so I did. I plowed through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus (every word), and on through the rest of the law and the entire Old Testament. I easily figured out that people kept on doing the same sinful things over and over and so far nothing really worked to straighten them out. The folks then had rules and covenants but people kept on doing what was right in their own eyes which, naturally, led to all kinds of problems. It was a good day when I arrived in the New Testament and started reading about this Miracle Man, Jesus. Everything He did was newsworthy and everything He said was priceless.

When I got to John chapter 8, I was caught up with the story of the woman caught in the act of adultery. (Apparently she was sinning all alone as the Bible never revealed her companion.) Anyway, she was dragged to the feet of Jesus, the Great Teacher, where He was challenged to make a righteous judgment. The prevailing law was pretty simple – stoning without any ruckus or drawn out appeals. The custom was to march the sinner to a suitable location and immediately stone her to death.

I remember slamming the Bible shut and thinking, somewhat piously I must admit, that I have never ever, no not even once, done that. I had never committed adultery.

I don’t know what I expected next.

Applause from heaven?

An angelic choir singing “Hallelujah” with vigor.

A supernatural pat on the back?

Well, it doesn’t really matter what I expected because that was not what I got.

Instead, I got a download of who is a sinner. That would be me. Caught red-handed. Not of adultery but of plenty of other sins. I was, gulp, “a sinner.” Like that woman. Caught red-handed.

Don’t laugh because I’d bet you’ve thought the same thing somewhere along the way. “I’m better than that” or “At least, I’ve never...”

The woman in the Bible in John chapter 8 was a real sinner, guilty as charged without any defense. She was clearly a perfect candidate for death by stoning.

You may know what happened next. Pure and perfect Jesus refused to condemn her or to have to put to death. He could have. It would have been within His legal rights to do so… but He didn’t. He forgave her and told her to go and sin no more. Sin was and is real. Sin was deserving of the punishment of death but He forgave her.

She was just another nameless person who Jesus rescued. The church is full of nameless women who have received a brand new life by simply discarding their old one and taking the wonderful gift offered by Jesus Himself.

One of those nameless persons is me. Chances are that my name will never be famous…if so, I best hurry as I am inching up on 80. This nameless woman was used to spur me on to finding the forgiving Savior.

Yes, she sinned. But so did I. I had my own record of sin and just like this anonymous woman, I too was worthy of a death sentence. Yet I received forgiveness from Jesus Himself and a new life just moments immediately after admitting my need for a Savior, the Savior.

I came to my senses in 1974 – were you even born yet? – and let me tell you, that Jesus Christ is the most faithful Friend and Lord and Savior and Guide and Leader and Champion and Teacher I could ever have hoped for. He is real and true and faithful and absolutely passes all the tests of time.

So from one nameless forgiven follower of Jesus Christ, please let me encourage you that He is Who He says He is and does what He says He will do. Nothing has changed. That woman in the Bible escaped mob justice and forgiveness 2,000 years ago. He is the same Jesus in 2021 so there is no reason to delay. Talk to Him today.


Pat has been a follower of Jesus Christ since 1974 and loves to encourage people to trust God. which comes naturally to her. Her professional background includes journalism, advertising, and public relations. In 1964 she married Bill, earning her the nickname, “MrsZ”. Together, they raised two wonderful children who married terrific spouses, five grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

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Mar 10, 2021

Wonderful blog!!

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