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Trusting in Transition

For some time, God has been teaching me about serving others.  This journey began about six years ago when I was asked to step into a role I did not feel confident in taking.  Fear swelled inside due to my lack of qualifications for the position, but I also knew I had to trust in what He was asking.  When I originally said yes, I believed it would just be for a short period of time.  I maintained the mindset of serving God’s purposes through this job, and the reward received was learning more about myself and growing deeper spiritually.  As time moved on, God continued to provide opportunities through this position, which allowed me a greater understanding of how service to others in His name can help us develop a deeper personal relationship with Him.  As each day brought new challenges, I found myself reflecting on the advice my mother gave me years ago.  She told me, “it usually is not about YOU...” and through the trials and ups and downs of running a not-for-profit, this lesson could not be more true.  

My mother was absolutely right.  As I continued to follow God’s path of service, I personally learned that serving the Lord is not about serving my own agenda. The people I have worked with and the families I have served over the last six years demonstrate this lesson.  I can’t think of a better way to sum up this experience than reflecting on what Romans 5:3 tells us, “Trials bring perseverance and perseverance produces character and character produces hope.” Having those words fill my heart, along with the spiritual stretching from my current position, I again find God wanting me to continue this process.  I was recently asked to serve in another capacity that I know will spiritually and personally develop my character.  My trust in Him and the invaluable lessons I have already learned about service will guide me down the next path of saying yes and seeing where the road may lead.


About the Author

After graduating from Ole Miss, Carrie and her husband moved to Japan and Spain before settling in their hometown of Cape Girardeau. Together they have two sons, Teddy and Ollie, a labrador named Coco and a turtle named Lizzie. She is the Executive Director of The Tailor Institute, a nonprofit for high-functioning individuals on the Autism Spectrum. In her free time, she loves to spend time with family, antique with girlfriends, read, spend time outdoors, and do creative things.


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