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Preparing for a New Season

Abundant & Free Ministries first live virtual retreat “Get In the Game” went exactly how God intended. Each speaker delivered from their heart and their words became hope to the listeners. As I am preparing for a new season and in awe of what God has in store for me, I am reminded of a cleaning job I took on about a year ago. The family currently had a cleaning lady who had been with them for several years. Miss. B was more than the lady that cleaned their home, however. She was a part of the family’s foundation. She kept them steady, held their arms up during tough times, and filled in the cracks without being asked. She was family to them and the love was mutual!!

I was a little hesitant in taking the job at first because I would be entering an already-formed beautiful bond and I was an amateur compared to Miss B’s superb cleaning skills. She’s in a league of her own and well able to toot her own horn, but doesn't. She simply leaves the proof in her cleaning. She’s well-known for her cleaning service throughout the town as well her kindness. But even with me being intimidated by Miss. B’s cleaning and their relationship, the family really wanted me to join her and clean for them as well.

I did accept their offer although there was another hesitation in accepting the job. Miss B’s time of cleaning for this family was coming to an end as she was making plans to retire. For a while, Miss. B and I tackle the family’s home together. With each cleaning Miss B’s time was decreasing and my spotlight was increasing. Many times Miss B would say to me, “I'm passing it to you.”, which would cause my anxiety to grow as I realized the size of the role I was stepping into. I had big shoes to fill.

This situation made me then think of my track and field days in high school. We all know the golden rule with the baton. When passing the baton during the relay races whatever you do, do not drop the baton. Do not drop the baton! I viewed my new job position as Miss. B passing me the baton. In order for me to not drop it, I would need to receive the position with honor. To keep it going in the esteem of Miss. B the one who would be passing it to me with trust.

As I continued to think on this, I began to see the beauty of Jesus laying His life down not only for me but for all people. He passed the mantle with trust to all of us, His brothers and sisters. That we would carry the baton of love with honor and reverence to our Father. He blesses us to divinely cross paths with people, He puts us in certain rooms and stores, He purposely places us at certain events and jobs, and He just blesses us to see or hear hope in His unlimited signs, miracles, and wonders. This help God gives, pushes me to keep moving forward being better. So I’m deciding to be better than I was a year ago and YES, I'm nervous! But, now knowledgeable of the fact I was a part of the “Get In The Game” virtual retreat on purpose, I'm no longer tolerating sitting on the sidelines as a bench player. Clinching faith tight, I'm getting in the Kingdom game, to be bold and unleash my new season. And I’ll keep reminding myself, don’t drop the baton!

To God Be The Glory,

LaKeisha Blissett


LaKeisha has 3 amazing kiddos who bring her daily joy and laughter. They have a spoiled Yorkie name Ben, Guinea pig name Mold, & 4 fish. She enjoys encouraging others, making desserts, listening to music, & lounging around the house in her PJs. LaKeisha is a professional house cleaner but desires to be a counselor.

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