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What Really Matters Most?

The world finds itself in a difficult, eye awakening time. The United States, along with multiple countries across the globe, are screaming a cry for help. Yet, despite the pain and suffering I see going on around me, God has been using this year to teach me what really matters.

Isn’t it interesting how our economic normalities have been turned upside down? It no longer matters if a business is open 24 hours. We now see prescribed times allotted in shopping centers and retail markets for those considered more “vulnerable customers.” The nation suddenly has a whole new respect and appreciation for those individuals labeled as “essential workers.” Daily lives have slowed down so much from all the stimulation of modern technology that everyone has time to call and check on family and friends. Businesses have shown grace and understanding with customers when it comes to paying bills or mortgages. The lost art of home-cooked meals around a table filled with family members has suddenly become a top priority. People no longer shy away from openly praying in the name of Jesus on news stations and entertainment television shows. And the Bible app suddenly tripled in numbers because, given the nature of today’s world, it matters to read the word of God, interestingly even on the go. The irony in the lists of things that we have seen happening in our nation and across the world boils down to the simple fact these things have always mattered in life.

Everything I just described points to one direction, that being love. This one simple 4-letter word is the heartbeat of life, and when I share love, I’m in rhythm with the One who created all things. If love is neglected, it’s because God has been forgotten in our everyday routines. The intoxication and addiction to worldly desires distracts our attention from what really matters and from what God is trying to show us through His Holy Word. My own love becomes weakened the more I try to compromise and change His indisputable character. Behaviors such as this is what brings about the awakenings that are needed to help us see the truth. Listening to God’s truth and focusing on what He wants to teach us all will bring about the much needed spiritual correction our souls crave.

Troubles are a part of living in an imperfect world. Although faith must remain no matter what I believe, God wastes nothing when boldly working in the midst of a distressed world. He was God before the coronavirus outbreak and He’s still God now. He is unchanging and there is no unrighteousness in Him. Nothing can happen in this life without God allowing it.

As God has been teaching me what really matters in my life, He has helped me see the beauty of His love. Perhaps the confusion and pain of all that surrounds us today is part of His teaching, and a means to help us all become more focused on Him. God has put His love in each of us and we are meant to love all those around us without giving up, even in the difficult times. In order to love beautifully the way God loves, we must start at home with our families. Once we capture what really matters within our own circle, God’s beautiful love can arise and be shared and multiplied among all those who touch our lives each day. Because at the end of the day, love is what really matters and God is love!


LaKeisha has 3 amazing kiddos who bring her

daily joy and laughter. Her family has a spoiled Yorkie name Ben, a Guinea pig name Mold, & 4 fish. She enjoys encouraging others, making desserts, listening to music, & lounging around the house in her PJs. She's a professional house cleaner with a desire to be a counselor.


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